Redwire Developing Advanced Thruster Technology to Offer Reliable, High-Volume Production to Support DoD Small Satellite Supply Chain

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Redwire Corporation (NYSE: RDW), a leader in space infrastructure for the next generation space economy, announced today it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement (SCA) with in-space propulsion leader Phase Four to build and deliver advanced thruster technology designed for reliable, high-volume production to meet the surge in demand across national security space programs. The SCA provides a framework which allows for joint development of this advanced thruster.

Redwire and Phase Four will design and develop a reliable and efficient Hall Effect Thruster (HET), called the Valkyrie Thruster, based on an existing design. The highly flexible and streamlined design will yield a shorter production schedule enabling reliable, high-volume production.

“Redwire offers a range of solutions designed to support high-volume small satellite manufacturing, and through this partnership, we are focused on delivering an optimal in-space propulsion technology that can specifically address the challenges in the propulsion supply chain,” said Redwire’s President of Space Systems Adam Biskner. “This reliable, mass producible design will offer a scalable in-space propulsion solution within DOD’s small satellite supply chain and will serve many other national security space applications.”

"The partnership between Phase Four and Redwire provides both civilian and military space operators another stable and reliable domestic source of electric propulsion systems,” said Steve Kiser, Phase Four CEO. “Phase Four's market differentiating capabilities and history of propulsion innovation, coupled with Redwire's mission and engineering expertise, will meaningfully expand the types and volume of Hall Effect Thrusters to an industry that is increasingly challenged to deliver enough propulsion supply. We look forward to exploring all the opportunities this partnership presents."

Redwire and Phase Four will leverage their expertise to manufacture the power processing unit hardware, thruster, propellant management software, and software control, which both companies will integrate into flight panels.

Redwire will leverage its business operations at scale, marketing resources, and extensive heritage as a trusted space systems supplier to bring this in-space propulsion system to market. The Valkyrie thrusters are anticipated to go into full rate production in 2025.

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